Do I have to use the Longitude/Latituse or can I use UK Postcode directly?

Jan 27, 2013 at 4:10 PM


I am playing around with this project and it looks good, but I wonder if I can use this without having to convery to LAT/LONG.  I have lots of records that of coirse don't have this, and the UK postcode would normally give me enough of a location so can I use that directly to view a set of entities on the same map?




Jan 28, 2013 at 10:09 AM

No, it is not possible to directly use Postcode or any other address format. But you may go ahead and edit the source code for your needs.

I haven't done it primarily to load maps quickly. I don't want to first figure out the lat-long(based on Postcode or some other fields) while loading the records which is a very frequent operation. Lat-long are going to remain mostly same unless someone edits the address fields of record. In that case, there is a bing map within form to update the lat-long as well. So, there's no point to do this duplicate work everytime the map loads with records.

If you have some client side way to figure out Lat-long using postcode, I would consider it as a really custom need. My suggestion is to go ahead and change it in source code. It shouldn't be a bigger change. Otherwise my recommendation is to write some custom tool and update all records with lat-long using postcodes.